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with us!


Would you like to join the Steven M. Roche Design Build team and journey into beyondness with us?

To apply to any of the positions upload your resume through our upload button below or send us an email at with the position title in the subject line. If you want your application to stand out, make sure to include a resume, cover letter, or portfolio that demonstrates your abilities and personality!

  • Guiding our customers through the construction stage of our remodeling process

  • Managing project budgets and schedules

  • Ordering and coordinating the delivery of required equipment and materials for each project efficiently

  • Coordinating and managing the required Trade Partners efficiently

  • Updating the Coconstruct Mobile App schedule daily

  • Scheduling and conducting Walkthroughs with customers (Post Framing WT, Pre-electrical WT, Pre-drywall WT, Assured Happiness WT)

  • Posting Daily Logs to Coconstruct daily with a minimum of 6 pictures per day

  • Responding to customer calls, emails, texts, and Coconstruct messages/comments promptly

  • Estimating and submitting change orders on Coconstruct for unforeseen conditions and/or client requests

  • Manage finish material deliveries ordered by the Interior Designer

  • Working with the Interior Designer throughout the project

  • Maintaining a clean and safe job site

  • Managing and controlling the quality of work

  • Manage the project budget

  • Actively look for ways to serve and bless customers (e.g. bring their newspaper into the house in the mornings, bring in empty trash cans and place them in the correct positions, etc.)

  • Performing other related duties as assigned


Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Well organized and able to manage their time independently and efficiently

  • Has a thorough understanding of the remodeling/construction process

  • Can read floor plans and create an accurate building schedule from start to finish

  • Understands that one change/decision will have a domino effect

  • Must be able to communicate effectively

  • Able to utilize technology to communicate and manage their projects (i.e. Coconstruct mobile app, Microsoft Outlook)

  • Able to encourage others to work hard and lead a team

  • Must be competent, dependable and able to work well with all levels in a team environment

  • Holds honesty and integrity as one of their highest priorities

  • Shows humility by desiring to always learn, better their skills, and better their character

  • Admits mistakes and turns those mistakes into valuable lessons by which their skills and character improve

  • Takes great pride in the efforts they put forth – thoroughly enjoys building and renovations


Education and Experience:

  • Must have at least 5 years of Project Management experience

  • Must be competent, dependable, and be able to work well with all levels in a team environment

This position reports directly to the Production Manager and supports the company by:

  • Performing manual labor, handling various construction materials and equipment, and cleaning job sites

  • Responsible for installing job site protections as instructed to prevent potential damage; respect the customers property

  • Strives to improve on carpentry skills and gain a greater understanding of basic construction techniques.

  • Performs to the best of ability; follows directions well

  • Understands and complies with all company policies and safety guidelines

  • Maintains excellent company image; demonstrates integrity and relates to our customers and team

  • Attends company meetings and company functions as requested

  • Demonstrates allegiance to the company and respect for supervisors

  • Performing other related duties as assigned


Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Good communication skills

  • Ability to actively learn and follow directions

  • Can understand construction documentation

  • Reliable transportation

  • Ability to perform physically demanding work on a consistent basis, including lifting 100 pounds

  • Must be competent, dependable, and able to work well at all levels in a team environment


Education and Experience:

  • Must have basic carpentry skills

  • Must be competent, dependable, and be able to work well with all levels in a team environment


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