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Our Team

Our team is an assembly of high integrity individuals. Each and every team member is valued first for who they are and secondly for their skill set. Great companies form when ego focused concerns recede in favor of shared values and a more universal identity. The level of professionalism that our team demonstrates is truly exceptional. Our clients will experience immensely kind, caring and sharp professionals.

Nicole Albertson Photography-8010.jpg

Nate DeFeo

Design Director

Nicole Albertson Photography-8108.jpg

John Mendes


Nicole Albertson Photography-8004.jpg

Destiny Cruz

Communications Director

Nicole Albertson Photography-8100.jpg

Nikki Cartagena

Administrative Assitant

Nicole Albertson Photography-8081.jpg

Alex Alejandro


Nicole Albertson Photography-8092.jpg

Patrick Roche


Nicole Albertson Photography-8086.jpg

Quinn Roche

Carpenter Apprentice

Business & Accounting Major

Nicole Albertson Photography-8131.jpg

Eddie Rodriguez

Carpenter Apprentice

''When you work spiritually, you are applying infinite power to your existence, and there can only be one outcome....Victory.''

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