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5 Reasons to Consider Design Build Model

1. A seamless client experience

Our design build team provide a unique white glove approach that handles all aspects of architectural and kitchen design, budgeting, product and finish selection and the execution of the construction itself.

2. Ultimate efficiency

The advantages of handling the entire process include avoiding the hassle and the time drain of managing designers, permits and contractors. We provide our clients a single source of control of design and construction implementation, leveraged by expert and longstanding industry partners.

3. Clear accountability and complete control

The intimate relationship between our design and construction team is what, we believe, sets us apart. Everyone participating in the process knows his or her roll, and is held accountable. Accountability starts from the initial consultation and only ends when the project has been successfully completed.

4. High-level communication

The number one advantage our clients enjoy in choosing the design build model is the flow of information, not only in-house with our team, but also with the client. One of our core principles is over communication. You can rest assured that in no circumstance would you ever experience any communication gaps.

5. Precise estimates

We understand how difficult it is when a client considers a major renovation in their home to try to understand what the actual cost is and how it relates to their budget. Our team of designers and project managers with a collective 150 years of experience can, in very short order, help the client understand where they stand with their budget. After multiple site visits which includes a survey of existing conditions by our designers and evaluation of the home’s structural configuration by our project manager and completion of the design, we can provide our clients with a precise estimate.

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